Demo '13

by No Thanks

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released July 4, 2013

No Thanks is:
Skyler Storm-Guitar
Drake Yeager-Drums
Hal Crosno-Bass
Brandon Smith-Vocals
Zach Millea-Bass
Tyson Luneau-Guitar

No Thanks on this recording is:
Skyler Storm-Guitar and Bass
Brandon Smith-Drums and Vocals

Engineered by Colton Jean at his parents house.



all rights reserved


No Thanks Oklahoma

Oklahoma Straight Edge.

Spirit of '88

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Track Name: Intro
Bust It!
Oklahoma straight edge is back on the map
If you didn’t know well now you do
Were takin’ out the trash

Nothing to prove
No reason to hide
The numbers never mattered
‘Cause it’s what’s inside

You thought we were dead
Thought it was gone
But now we’re here
To show you you’re wrong

It lives in the hearts
Of the clear minded few
The straight edge won’t die
It’s always alive

Every new kid
Who finds the way
You’re never alone
With the edge on your side

Commitment to self
My lifelong pledge
I know my strength
I’m nailed to the x

We have the edge on our side
Track Name: Here For The Show
I’m here for the show!
Can you say the same?

I’m here for the show and not just to be seen
I don’t give a fuck about your popularity
Six-month face and your times almost up
What did you contribute
You did nothing for us and have nothing to show now

Did this mean a thing
To you
I don’t think it really ever did
Mean that much
To you

I don’t think
You were here
For anything else
Other than the image

From where I stand
You haven’t earned
A single thing

I won’t give you what you don’t deserve

I will spend my time on people I know I can trust
Your actions proved your words aren’t true
It’s just a fucking act!

This was never a fashion show or a place to prove your tough
You’re no better than anyone else
You got it all wrong from the start

It never meant a thing
To You
Track Name: No Thanks
With no regret, no second thought
I just can’t buy into what you’ve bought
The same mistakes with the same results
And I’m the one who’s crazy?

I sit idly by as my friends die
Killing themselves one night at a time
I could never understand
The value in this

You say it’s normal
Not hurting anyone else
You just can’t see
How much you’re hurting yourself

I want a better world
For myself and my friends
My priorities are straight
Eyes on the Future

Over and over
The stories the same
They hide the real truth
And pass on the blame

But I won’t make excuses
I know I have the strength
To bring myself and everyone else
Out of this depression

I know the pain I struggle too
But I won’t sabotage myself

I will turn my anger
Towards the ones who pull the fucking strings!

So when you offer an easy way out
I choose myself and I choose life
I choose the only answer I’ve ever known
I choose to say, No Thanks!
Track Name: Not Alone
Outside of theses walls
No one understands me
Out of place Out of step
Alone in this

World that doesn’t try to see
What this means to me
A world that would do anything
To crush this home that I’ve found

And if it doesn’t make sense to them
Then they just can comprehend
It took most of my life to find this
And I’m never looking back!
I’ve found a reason
And I’ve found a way
To wake up in the morning
And live through the day

Not for anybody else
It’s not about you
This is my life and I’ll
Live it for myself!

I’m gonna’ do it my own fucking way!
Track Name: My Mistakes
I won’t let my past mistakes
Hold me down any longer
I’m here to live in the here and now
And I know that I am stronger

Everything I’ve done wrong
Can’t just all be taken back
So it’s time to do the best I can
To get my life on track

Cause every single day
That I dwell on the past
Is one more fucking moment
That I just can’t get back

Trying to do the best I can
Every Single Day
Won’t let the past
Keep its iron grip on me

I’m breaking the chains of my mistakes
And looking towards the future
Won’t turn into the bitter man
Plagued with regret

Its time to take control
And admit I’ve made mistakes
I can’t change the situation
But I control my reaction

I’m taking back my life
Track Name: A New Chapter
We’re fighting each other
But who’s the real enemy
Kill it in yourself
And we can change the world

It’s time for us to write
A new chapter in this life

This nation is a battlefield
For the hearts and minds
Of every person: man or woman
We choose to decide

That we’re through with the past
The old ways never worked
Limiting a person’s life
On what they can’t control

It’s a coward who would cling to
Something so perverse
To pass judgment on man
Before even knowing him?

Based only on the color of his skin?
Who he chooses to love?
Where his parents are from?

It’s the act of a fool
A scared person clinging to old ideas
They taught us to believe it had a place
That being angry meant hating people not like you.

But we see the truth.