No Thanks

by No Thanks

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released September 1, 2015

Vocals:Brandon Smith
Guitar:Skyler Storm
Guitar:Tyson Luneau
Bass:Zach Millea
Drums:Drake Yeager

Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Jacob Scott
Cover Art by Ev Wivell
Cover Photo by Catherine Varela

7" Available through Commitment Records bigcartel



all rights reserved


No Thanks Oklahoma

Oklahoma Straight Edge.

Spirit of '88

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Track Name: Intro
Bust it!

Oklahoma straight edge is back on the map
If you didn't know well now you do
We're takin out the trash

Nothing to prove
No reason to hide
The numbers never mattered
Cause it's what's inside

You thought we were dead
Thought it was gone
But now we're here
To show you you're wrong

It lives in the hearts
The clear minded few
The straight edge won't die
Its always alive

Every new kid
Who finds the way
You're never alone
With the edge on your side

Commitment to self
My life-long pledge
I know my strength
I'm nailed to the x

We have the edge on our side
Track Name: Here For The Show
I'm here for the show
Can you say the same?

I'm here for the show and not just to be seen
I don't give a fuck about your popularity
Six month face and your times almost up, what did contribute?
You did nothing for us and have nothing to show now

Did this a mean a thing?
To you?

I don't think it really ever did!
Mean that much
To you!

I don't think you were here for anything else other than the image

From where I stand you haven't earned a single thing

I won't give you what you don't deserve

I will spend my time on people I know I can trust
Your actions prove your words aren't true. It's just a fucking act.
This was never a fashion show or a place prove you're tough
You're no better than anyone else. You got it all wrong
From the start!

It never meant a thing!

To you!
Track Name: University Ave.
It's not your body
It's not your business
Keep your goddamn opinions to your fucking self

It's not a compliment
It's just harassment
Walking in public shouldn't carry a price

Every human being has a right to feel safe
No keys between her knuckles and no carrying mace

You tell her to smile
To face your abuse
She doesn't owe you shit
You've got no fucking excuse

And If she's not having
Any of your shit
You call a her bitch
For standing up for herself

It's not about your mother
It's not about your sister
It's having respect for people other than you

Time and time again
I've heard your shit
I've had it with you
And I'm not holding my tongue

If intimidation
And being a creepy fuck are your way of talking to woman
Then I bet they could do without a catch like you

I'm not a big man
And I'm not quick to fight
But if I hear you cat calling tonight

There's gonna be a price.
Track Name: Kids Like Us
Make it out....

No expectations
To succeed
Not for kids like
You and me

They told us not to try
They told us not to waste our time

The paths that we were meant to take
To end up like our fathers

Are all that they expected
But we never listened

In the absence
Of family
We had each other

We didn't give in and
We didn't forget
The dreams we had
And the goals we had set

It wasn't easy
It never is
But it's worth it
In the end

To prove them wrong
To prove to yourself

You've got what it takes
Inside of you

Life just wasn't
handed to us
On a silver platter

Some people have it easy
We never got that lucky

You can't let it
Make you bitter
You can't let it win

You've got to use your anger
To benefit

And when you think
You won't make it out
You gotta pick yourself up
Because you don't have a choice
Others can fail
They'll be alright
But kids like us

We need to dream!

We can achieve

If we just believe

That we'll make it out
Track Name: X Best Friends
There's so much pain
in the world today
Keep drinking it up
But I won't go away

The depression You feel
Is here to stay
Until you learn to face your problems
And start to make a change

We had the best times of our lives
Completely fucking sober
But you forgot what meant so much
Grew out of touch and now you're older
And it seems that you forgot
What you said you'd never be
The things you said you'd never need
I guess it's just history

What's your idea of fun now?
Mine hasn't changed that much
You think I need to grow up?
Is that what you think you've done?

It's for the best
Can't change the way it worked out
I'll still be here
If you find a fucking way out
Until the end
X best friends
Track Name: Creep
Hiding behind a computer screen
You didn't think we'd find out?

Preaching about equality
But it was just a lie

Don't know who you are anymore
I never thought it'd be you

I guess after all these years
You didn't learn a thing

You're not even sorry

You're just sorry you got caught

What happened to the friend I knew?

Finally met the real you

A fucking creep with nothing better to do

I guess it's better that we all know the truth

If this is what
gets you off

Then you can get
fucking lost
Track Name: No Thanks
With no regret, no second thought
I just can't buy into what you've bought
The same mistakes with the same results
And I'm the one who's crazy?

I sit idly by as my friends die
Killing themselves one night at a time
I could never understand
The value in this

You say it's normal
Not hurting anyone else
You just can't see
How much you're hurting yourself

I want a better world
For myself and my friends
My priorities are straight
Eyes on the future!

Over and over
The story's the same
They hide the real truth
And pass on the blame

But I won't make excuses
I know I have the strength
To bring myself and
Everyone else
Out of this depression

I know the pain
I struggle too
But I won't sabotage myself

I will turn my anger
Towards the ones who pull the fucking strings

So when you offe
An easy way out
I choose myself and I choose life.

I choose the only answer I've ever known

I choose to say No Thanks!